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Located in Riverside, Iowa (birthplace of the great Captain James T. Kirk), April and Associate is your ONE and ONLY source for calendars for only the month of April.


The ONLY month that matters.


On top of making calendars ONLY for the month of April, we also ONLY produce calendars IN the month of April.


Our state of the art factory is considered, by some, to be a waste of money because it is only operational in the month of April. We call those people idiots.


We have April calendars available for EVERY year that has ever existed, as well as future years that do not YET exist.

Professional Experience

Our company works has been producing calendars offline for 20 years. We have enough of the experience to cope with any issue which might occur in the process.


Transform Your Perception of Time

Time management is a very important topic and challenge to discuss. Imagine if it was only EVER the month of April. Spring is starting. New beginnings are starting. There is good feeling and cheer in the air. NOW THINK ABOUT CARRYING THIS FEELING THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE YEAR as it will ONLY EVER be the month of April with our calendars.

The second challenge is to take into consideration that time is all an illusion put forth by the tech companies. The business version and the means customers are empowered as well as augmented by supplying April to people in different levels of an organization. Offering the month of April in an easy to use manner will inevitably raise both understanding as well as customer performance assisting companies AND individuals to function a lot more effective.


Join Our Team

April and Associate is in the works for a GREAT expansion, the likes of which the regular calendar months NOR the month of April have ever encountered.

Would you like to join us and become April and Associates? Please contact us below or using the contact page on our web site. We are in the process of working out one legal issue before we can become April and Associates but let's get the ball rolling anyways!

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